Registration for the SYPT

The registration for the SYPT 2017 is closed!

This form can be used to register either a single person, a team or multiple team for the SYPT. Please choose the applicable type of registration (single person, team, multiple teams from the same school) and give further details in the field Remarks. If somebody is coaching you during the preparation for the tournament you can submit the contact details of your coach. We will contact you and your coach as soon as possible. An application is only valid if the terms of participation arrive and with the respective signatures.

If you're not sure about the registration or would like to have some questions answered first, please use this form.

Please enter contact information of you parents, for example email addresses.

Emergency Contact

Person, who should be contacted in the case of an emergency during the Physics Week. Please provide a name and at least one phone number.


Select which of the 17 Problems you want to present at the SYPT. Everyone has to work on a separate problem, i.e. one problem per team member! If you apply for the Physics Week, you have to choose one of the problems that are allowed for the Physics Week (see the choice of problem in the section Physics Week or see SYPT 2017).  Please consider that the problem chosen cannot be change after February 24.

Please state which public transport passe you posses. If you choose "Half-fare pass and other" or "Other", please specify those other passes under "Details".

Physics Week

The Physics Week provides the opportunity to prepare for the SYPT under experienced supervision. The exact dates can be found in the event calendar on the home page.  More information about the Physics Week can be found here. As the number of places is limited, it is not possible to consider all applications.

Terms of Registration and Participation

The registration via webform is only a pre-registration and not binding. For the definitive registration, the agreement to the terms of participation (see PDF document) has to be expressed via written signature and sent to

Mr. Samuel Byland
Verein Pro IYPT-CH
MNG Rämibühl, Physikinstitut
Rämistrasse 54
8001 Zürich

via postal mail. An application is only valid if the terms of participation arrive on time before 15th January 2017 and with the respective signatures.


In case of questions of problems regarding the registration, please use the corresponding contact form.


Download terms of participation


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