Das 31. International Young Physicists' Tournament fand vom 19. bis 26. Juli am RDFZ Yizhuang Campus, in Peking, China statt. Am Turnier erreichte das Schweizer Team um David Tschan (Captain), Daniel Gotsmann, Daniil Lozner, Piotr Salustowicz und Jakob Storp den 10. Rang. Begleitet wurden die fünf Schüler von Emilie Hertig (Team Leader), Eric Schertenleib (Team Leader, IOC), Daniel Keller (Juror) und Samuel Byland (Juror, EC). Wir gratulieren der ganzen Delegation zu einem erfolgreichen Turnier!


Erfahrungsbericht von David Tschan (English)

After having decided to participate in the team qualifications for the IYPT, I was assigned a new problem to work on for the next three weeks: problem number three, Dancing Coin. Prior to giving my consent to keeping on the work, I had had a meeting with the principal of my school and Mr. Weiss, during which I was assured that I had the full support of GKG behind me, that I would be allowed to not visit certain classes and to work instead. Furthermore, and perhaps most importantly, I was given a key with which I was able to access the school and the physics facilities. From that point onwards, I probably spent more time in the lab than in classes. The setup that I used for Dancing coin required a few tries until it worked. However, once it did, it proofed invaluable for I was able to measure all the relevant physical entities relatively easily.