In Singapore, the young physicists secured Switzerland a bronze medal. This marks the sixth time in a row that a Swiss team returns home with a medal, it is evident that the longtime engagement continues to pay off.

Experience Report

Once again, this year, 5 students had the privilege of representing Switzerland in the International Young Physicist's Tournament, which took place in Singapore: Zara Vance, Tehya Birch, Ivana Klasovita (all attending MNG, Rämibühl), Florian Würth (KZO) and Xiao Yu (Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz). Due to our success at the Swiss Young Physicist's Tournament in Lausanne and the following team qualification round in Zürich, we were chosen to travel to Singapore along with Eric Scherternleib (Team Leader) and Daniel Keller to go up against the 30 other participating countries. We were also accompanied by Samuel Byland (Juror) and Émilie Hertig (member of Team Switzerland 2016, Russia) and they played their part in helping us along during our adventure.

On April 11 and 12 the qualification for this years Swiss IYPT team took place. Ten students had to prepare themselves for the qualification; there they had to write an exam, present their results and demonstrate their understanding in 10 Physics Fights. Only the five best could qualify for the team. The Swiss team consists of Theya Birch, Ivana Klasovita, Florian Wirth, Zara Vance (captain) and Xiao Yu. From July 5 to 12, 2017 the five student will make up the Swiss team at the IYPT in Singapore.

The delegation also includes the coaches Samuel Byland (EC), Émilie Hertig (visitor), Daniel Keller (teamleader/juror) and Eric Schertenleib (teamleader).